TunesGo (iOS Devices) Product Reviews

2015-12-16 04:28:36
EXCELLENT by saw htut


2015-10-11 20:29:28
Thank You Wondershare!!! by Amy S

I just experienced an iTunes nightmare!!! I will try to make a long story short. I wanted to share my library with my husband but I couldn''t manually sync his phone. I had several conversations with Apple representatives, wiped my computer and his phone to factory settings. I did much research. I even visited the Apple Store. Nothing worked. This whole situation cost me much time and aggravation. None of the Apple representatives were able to solve it. What happened is I took out a trial version of Apple Music which mixed my music with Apples music. This caused my library to be locked as if my music belonged to Apple!!! The only way to fix this was to wipe my library clean and start all over again. The problem is I have almost 6000 songs in my library and would have to re-rip all these CDs. I was up to C in my library when I discovered Wondershare Tunes Go Retro. What did I have to lose? It transferred my entire library to iTunes. The music plays and there is no problem with my phone. As I am writing this review, I am syncing the music to my husbands phone. Thanks Wondershare for saving me the work and time of re-ripping all these cds.

2015-09-15 01:40:54


2015-08-08 12:53:34
worked how i wanted it to :) by Yiasmina

i wanted to transfer some pocasts & songs on my ipod nano 5 which thank god still works just fine but then it wouldn''t let me transfer any more because i''ll had to buy the other version, which i really didn''t want to but it worked just fine for now :)

2015-07-30 21:29:11
Worthless...iTunes does what this software does by GU

I did a search because I need to back up files from iPad to an external drive instead of my computer, since I don''t have enough space on my computer''s hard drive. Some paid shill named Thomas Jones wrote an article that claimed this software could do this. His instructions only talked about using a PC, but when I tried to look for Mac instructions, there was none to be found. Basically, all he said you still have to back up the files to your computer, then back them up from a computer to a external. So what''s the purpose of this software? This is what I''ve been able to do without this software: I backed up to my computer, then backed up files to my hard drive using iTunes. This software does not make sense, and it is useless for ios 8.4 and Yosemite, and iTunes 12.2.16. I''m very thankful I only tested it and did not buy it, because it does NOT do as Jones'' claims it does. Until Wondershare comes up with a software that backs up files DIRECTLY from an iPad to an external hard drive, I''m not buying.

2015-06-15 15:52:52
Wondershare by Frank

Sooooo simple! Needed to transfer SMS to computer - did it with ease! Tried a number of others purchased from iTunes - did not work properly. So what ru waiting for - buy it - u will not be disappointed.

2015-04-17 18:54:13
amigos by yuanny

por estar cuando mas los necesito

2015-04-10 04:52:05
So far so good :-) by Steph

Best music transfer app I have used to this point. Will write more later

2015-04-03 01:45:16
AL sattar by sarah abd


2015-04-03 01:44:16
AL sattar by sarah abd